Jun 25, 2020

Garlic Bread

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Garlic bread has its origin in southern Europe, where garlic plants have flourished for thousands of years. A ton of garlic recipes came into being, including that of this bread. As everything is evolving in the present times, the variations of garlic bread evolved too. People started making them into hard and soft loaves of bread. They later went on adding herbs, which would make them favourable and aromatic. But with no time, people started stuffing it too. The whole idea of bread complimenting a dish was changed. It is an entire meal in itself now. Speaking of revolution, let us talk about The cheesy stuffed garlic bread. Dominos first introduced this delicious cheese-filled garlic loaf with their Italian seasonings. This unique cheese garlic bread has a big reputation in India with its excellent flavour and tasty mozzarella filling.

Make this fantastic wheat garlic bread, which is as good as gourmet.





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