Ensuring Grade A quality produce.

We follow a strict process to get you the best quality produce

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Beautifully stacked vegetables

Atomaday process, is a custom selection process of freshly harvested produce based on size, color, shape and ripeness level, to provide you Grade A quality - always!

We get the produce directly from the farmer

Atomaday Grade A quality Okra

Grade A quality produce

Our team takes good care of the vegetables that came out of the harvest and subjects its approval by grading, and cleaning them in our collection center using our processes in Freshness Lock

We deliver within 12hrs after harvest

We are obsessed with giving you the best produce, real quick, within a span of 12hrs. We guarantee you’ll love the experience.

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Experience video shopping for fruits and vegetables

A person holding ridge gourd in Atomaday farm

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India’s first video shopping experience for agriculture commerce serving better produce for our customers and providing a better source of income for farmers.

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