Custom process for farm freshness

Better transportation and custom packaging to ensure you get the best.

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Freshness Lock™, is a custom transport and packaging process from the farm to your kitchen, to maintain the freshness and the nutritional value of the produce.

Sapota Farm

Our farmers harvest only the fully grown

When we harvest the fully grown fruits and vegetable, you get all the nutrition that it could absorb.

Harvested produce at our collection centers

Our farmers bring all the harvested produce, everyday morning, to our collection centers closer to them. Our team of quality inspector and grading agent qualifies and filter only the top quality produce.

Proper Ventilation
Hygenic Condition
Quality Control

Quality control measures

Yes our team always wears their gloves, and hair caps to ensure highest concern for hygiene from the very first touch of the produce

Atomaday associate with gloves and head cover
Sort and Grade

Sort and grade

This is a first layer of filtration where we strictly only allow the best quality produce to be passed along for packaging

Clean and shine

All the dirt and other baggages are removed from the surface of your produce. We ionize the produce for a while before we take it to packaging.

Clean and Shine
Protected Crate

Sealed and packed

Once the produce is sorted and cleaned, we package them according to the dispatch center that it will be sent to based on your order. We seal them to maintain the hygiene and freshness of the produce

Atomaday Truck

We bring the produce to your nearest dispatch center in specially sealed and hygienic transportation

Sorted and packaged at our dispatch centers

We open the seal of the packaged crates from the collection center based on the order delivery requirement, we ensure that we package the produce with the best quality packaging material to maintain the freshness till your doorstep

Eco-friendly packaging

Yes our team always wears their gloves, face mask and hair caps to ensure highest concern for hygiene from the very first touch of the produce

Banana Leaf Pack

Banana Leaf Packaging

Hard vegetables and fruits are packaged in banana leafs which is water resistant and is our sustainable packaging

Compostable Pack

Compostable packaging

Moist vegetables and fruits are packaged in compostable plastic bags to help maintain its moisture

Brown Paper Pack

Brown paper packaging

Soft vegetables and fruits are packaged in brown paper bags so that the produce is kept dry by absorbing moisture

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