Empowered farmers, enhanced farms

Technology, dedicated oversight, and knowledge sharing is empowerment.

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Co-Founder of Atomaday along with farmers
Farmer plucking produce while atomaday associate watches

We love our farmers, we personally onboard each of our farmer and help maintain quality control in their farms, we train them about using technology for efficient farming and provide personalized help.

Atomaday flow of agriculture produce

We enable consumers and farmers virtually direct connection using our video shopping platform that enables a feedback system for farmers to understand demand requirements and produce quality

Agriculture flow

We provide them better access to consumer demand and feedback.

Farmer Support

Educate and empower farmers

By providing them occasional training sessions on optimization of agriculture and produce, we empower them to make use of make use of our technology in the right way

Regular farm visits for quality checks

Our quality inspectors visit the farms that we have empaneled on a regular basis to test the soil, and to monitor agricultural practices.

Soil Check

Farmer incentivization

We have an incentivization program that provides benefits to farmers who consistently delivers quality produce and religiously follows our guidelines.


Quarterly farmer meetings

We constantly interact with our farmers to understand their grievances and give them consolidated feedbacks from our customers. We help them with collective knowledge sharing.

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A farmer holding leafy vegetable

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India’s first video shopping experience for agriculture commerce serving better produce for our customers and providing a better source of income for farmers.

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