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Video Shopping
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What you see is what you get, we post the videos in our app directly from the farm, and when you order you get exactly what you saw


Swipe through the suggested produce

An interface that’s very familiar, story swipes. This enables you to quickly gaze through the listing without any hurdles, along with real videos of the actual produce that you’ll get.

Feel the produce at your fingertip

Video of the produce that we upload shows exactly what you’ll get when you order from us. These videos lets you take an informed decision about the produce that you want to order by looking at its size, color, ripeness and price.


See the differences in the produce

We’ll show you multiple types of the same kind of produce, with its place of origin and actual names. This will easily make you knowledgeable in identifying the differences in the same type of produce.

Place your order

Experience video shopping, place an order on what you see and what you love

Custom harvest

Your order gets harvested by farmers ample experience and helps them earn more

12hrs from harvest

Our custom logistics and packaging will get your fresh produce delivered in 12hrs

Overview of our video shopping app

Overview of video shopping

Experience video shopping for fruits and vegetables

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India’s first video shopping experience for agriculture commerce serving better produce for our customers and providing a better source of income for farmers.

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