Jun 19, 2020

Corn Bhel

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Sweet corn is broadly grown throughout the world, except in areas with very short summers. It’s a tall grass that produces sugary kernels that can be consumed raw or cooked, either straight from the cob or added and used in dozens of ways: as side dishes of potatoes, in salads, garnishes, creams, etc., also in ice cream! It’s a convenient vegetable to grow in a family garden. From the salads and soups to subzis and chaats, sweet corn kernels are pleasant, crunchy addition to any food dish. They are quick and easy to cook and with an addition of very less ingredients, you can create a delightful corn bhel snack in a jiffy.

If you think the sweet corn you get at the roadside stalls, seasoned with pepper or chaat masala is exciting, then you are absolutely missing out on something better. Get set for a wild roller-coaster ride of flavours, because that is what this corn bhel promises you.

Corn bhel is a variation to the classic Indian bhel puri recipe. Here we have replaced puffed rice with corn kernels. The corn chaat is super quick and easy to make.

Want to savor warm & delicious corn this monsoon? Try this non-traditional way of preparing the corn chaat, and trust me you will be hooked.

*INGREDIENTS: (Serving for 4)




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