May 19, 2020

The secret to our produce

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The demand for food produced locally has escalated in recent years, and a lot of people began to incorporate it into their lifestyle. Imagine you’re sitting at a farm-to-table restaurant. The experience almost feels wondrous. A tasty, locally sourced meal appears directly on your plate, almost as though the farmer had produced or raised the food in the kitchen. Magical, isn’t it.

What if you were able to feel that in your kitchen? Yes, you heard it right.

Atomaday makes sure you get fruits and vegetables locally sourced right at your doorway.

But exactly where does the “local-sourced” food come from? The farmer surely must be in the vicinity. But where? Does the farmer drop off produce each morning? Does the owner of the business know the farmer personally? How does it all work?

Wonder no more. There’s no mystery about how food gets from the farm to your home, but the process is more interesting than many recognize.

The traditional flow of agriculture produce:

Once the crops have been sown and raised by the farmers, they harvest them and come to the e-market for trade. More than 200 vegetable mandis are already a hornet’s nest of operation in the yard. Much of the fruits and vegetables consumed by the city are passed through this wholesale market. The farmers arrive at the market a night before. Price fluctuations can make their day or ruin them. The auction starts in reverent tones when the clock hits 4.

Traditional Wholesale market

The auction starts in reverent tones when the clock hits 4. The auctioning of vegetables is regulated by traders who are also commission workers. There are no loud announcements akin to competitive bidding. Farmers either sell their produce to their regular agents or wait for the one who quotes a better price. When the farmer-to-agent auction is over, the yard has a new look. It becomes loud and chaotic with agents selling goods to dealers, retailers, hotel owners, and vegetable vendors. It becomes loud and chaotic with agents selling goods to dealers, retailers, hotel owners, and vegetable vendors. The commodity priced at Rs.25/kg rises to Rs.80/kg by the time it reaches the user and also loses its nutritional value.

Atomaday flow of agriculture produce:

How does the atomaday flow vary from traditional flow? Atomaday provides fruit and vegetables that are directly picked from the farm.

Farmers at Atomaday

“Our body needs real, fresh food to maintain health- Louise Hay”.

People at Atomaday provide our customers with fresh and top-quality produce. During the standard flow of agricultural products, 30% of the nutrients are lost. Whereas, products delivered by us are 100% nutritious, fresh and healthy.

We allow consumers and farmers to digitally link directly through our video shopping platform, which enables farmers to understand demand requirements and generate quality feedback.

Farmer advantage:

We embark on each of our farmers and help maintain quality control in their farms, train them to use efficient farming technologies, and provide customized assistance. We give them greater exposure to the market and input from customers. By providing them with occasional training sessions on agriculture and production optimization, we encourage them to make good use of our technology.

Consumer Advantage:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are shipped to our customers within 12hr of harvest. The fresh produce lets them stay fit and safe. A visual interface is offered to consumers that allows them to easily look at the listing without any hurdles, along with live videos of the actual product you’re going to get.

So, which flow of agriculture produce would you prefer? the traditional way or the Atomaday way?

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